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 This is the partnership I am most proud of. 


I'd worked with the team at HARPO several times over the years when I received a call during which they told me about The McGhee Family.

Mr. and Mrs. McGhee had seen more than their fair share of hard times throughout their lives but their attitude was always positive. After undergoing fertility treatments, Mrs. McGhee gave birth to SIX healthy babies. A blessing and a significant financial burden. The team at HARPO asked if I had any clients who would be willing to help the family.


Walmart was the perfect partner.


It took less than five minutes for Walmart to agree to help the McGhee family. I put together a deal in which Walmart would provide $250,000 worth of store credit provided in five $50,000 annual increments. We even worked with Oprah's team to cover the taxes.

The family was shocked. The audience in tears.


I'll never forget the McGhee family. 


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